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Wine Dinner!

Wow! I made this blog months ago and haven’t used it until

today. Quarantine does wonders for free time I guess! For this wine dinner blog I will be looking at three wines paired with three foods. The three foods I had were Mac and Cheese (added pepper-jack on top), Eye Round Steak seasoned with “Foxtrot” Seasoning, and Chocolate Pudding. Paired with the Mac and Cheese I had a Shiraz called Rioja by Campo Viejo. With the Foxtrot Steak I paired a German Mulled Wine called Gl├╝hwein by Wintersaison. Finally with the pudding I paired a Moscato Spumante Champagne by Barefoot.

The Wine Contestants:

The Food:

Admittedly the food won’t be winning awards anytime soon, but it was rather tasty! As a note the steak was arranged in piles where each one had a different seasoning. For my blog I will be focusing on the pile with the Foxtrot seasoning.

Shiraz x Mac and Cheese

By Itself: The Shiraz by itself had an aroma of apple, pear, and pomegranate to my nose. The taste was that of overpowering tannins, no acid, and a low sweetness. A very dry red wine. Some people like a dry wine, I am not one of them. However I was going to give it the benefit of the doubt and move onto the food pairing.

Paired: When paired with the mac and cheese the story changed slightly. It actually turned into a nice pairing for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the Mac and Cheese has a very “mono-taste”. Almost all of the taste comes from the cheese on the mac, so it helped contrast the intricacy of the red wine. One interesting side effect was the pronounced spice that came from the pairing. The spice came from the topping of pepper-jack cheese that was untastable without the Shiraz, but when paired together the spice came out wonderfully. I give the pairing a solid 7/10.

Steak x German Mulled Wine

By Itself: This wine was much more pleasant to me. When sniffing this wine I actually couldn’t detect nearly anything. I thought I caught a slight hint of banana but even that was hard to tell. Upon tasting it had a wonderfully fruity and sweet taste. I had no trouble detecting that strawberry with almost a mango finish. It was very smooth, almost no tannin, with acid and sweetness well balanced (perhaps leaning more towards sweet).

Paired: Combining this with Foxtrot Round Steak was probably the best idea I’ve had on quarantine. The Mulled Wine added a lovely base layer that allowed the spice of the steak to jump out. It also hid the powerful blood taste that could be detected when eating the steak sans wine. Almost no acid could be detected in this combo. All in all I give it a 9/10 rating. I would go higher but this is my first pairing and I don’t want to get overzealous.

Moscato Spumante Champagne x Chocolate Pudding

By Itself: The champagne had an incredibly sweet aroma to it. Almost had a scent of watermelon or another type of melon perhaps (maybe honeydew?). It also had more grassy or floral hints that made me think of honeysuckle (noticing a honey theme?). The taste was very different than the smell however. Upon tasting it made me think of grapefruit soda. Much more bitter than it smelled, it was like a cranberry and grapefruit flavored San Pelgrino (don’t sue me).

Paired: There are people that would very much enjoy the wine, but almost no one would enjoy this pairing. The chocolate did not pair well at all with the bitter, fruity taste of the wine. The pudding was flat (as puddings are want to be) and it was a very high contrast to the bubbly aggressive champagne. Although the bottle said it would pair with ‘sweet deserts’ I do not recommend this combination at all. My roomate tried it with vanilla icecream and said it was delightful, but this review focuses on the chocolate pudding pairing so it will remain negative in my opinion. Overall I give it a 3/10. It could’ve been worse, but not much worse.

Anyway that was my wine dinner pairings! Hopefully I’ll be back next week with higher production value and better pairings.

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Wine Blog! (The Beginning)

As we dive into this new semester I have had the pleasure of joining a class solely dedicated to wine! Those of you who know me will know that I am a huge wine enthusiast. The first major challenge I have encountered in this class is the creation of a Wine BlogTM for the class. After much consideration I have decided to call my blog Terroir and Peace. I’m just praying to the grapes that this name isn’t taken. Anyway, this will be the spot where I post all of my blogging related, Gen Z enhancing, posting assignments.


Daniel Pearl World Music Day 2019

I really had such a good night at the celebration of Daniel Pearl World Music Day at The Lyric Theater in Blacksburg! But before I begin….

What is Daniel Pearl World Music Day?


Daniel Pearl World Music Days was created in response to the 2002 kidnapping and murder of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl at the hands of extremists in Karachi, Pakistan. Danny’s family and friends came together to work towards a more humane world, forming the Daniel Pearl Foundation. The mission of the Foundation is to promote cross-cultural understanding through journalism, music, and innovative communications.

Danny was a talented musician who joined musical groups in every community in which he lived, leaving behind a long trail of musician-friends spanning the entire world. Commemorating Danny’s October 10th birthday, World Music Days uses the universal language of music to encourage fellowship across cultures and build a platform for “Harmony for Humanity.” The Daniel Pearl Foundation invites you to join us by dedicating your music performance this October as part of the 12th Annual Daniel Pearl World Music Days

The Event

In the town of Blacksburg that I call home the organization Hillel organized a concert to celebrate the day. The headliner was a musician by the name of Sammy Adams, known for his hits “All Night Longer” and “I hate college”. He was opened by a joint act between Jahn Rome and Fabrizio Music, which was one of the best opening acts I’ve ever seen. Their energy and stage control was electric and they made a genius move bringing the crowd to the stage. After their act came the FiveFiftyFive.

Doing a wonderful mix of original songs and a covers they kept the moving the energy higher and higher, eventually bringing back on Jahn and Fabrizio for a cover of “Thanks for the Memories” and “Sugar, we’re going down”.

Finally they reached the climax of their show with a mix of “Havana” (Camila Cabello) and “Seven Nation Army” that had the audience roaring.

Finally the headliner Sammy Adams came on, building the energy song after song. At one point a fan joined him on stage to rap “I hate college”.

His continued on with original after original, even giving the crowd a taste of some of his unreleased music. When the audience was maxed out he unleashed his secret (or not so) weapon, “All Night Longer”. The audience went into a frenzy giving a memorable ending to an unforgettable night.

My Involvement

I was volunteering at the event through my organization and co-sponsor of the event The Low-Techs. I had the privilege of working green room where I got to meet and personally get to know Jahn, Fabrizio, and Kyle, Ryan, Max, Collin of the Five Fifty Five. My other volunteer role was as photographer during the show (if you couldn’t tell from all my photos) and after the show at the meet and greet. Overall I had a wonderful night and got to meet some of the coolest musicians yet! Hope I get to reunite with these guys soon!


Identity Theft is No Joke, Jim.

How I woke up to my website being hijacked, and tips to make sure it never happens to you.

WOW! It has been one hell of a morning for me. While I woke up early this morning excited for studying I was instead woke up to a cute email from WordPress telling me my verification email had been changed. So naturally I tried to do what I always do if something is up and change my password. Well not only was my verification email changed, but my account email was changed. Oh, and my password was changed. Oh, and my website (joshuaglaab.com) now only featured articles written by one, Aditya Sarkar. Well, that’s interesting. So I spent most of the morning with the fine people at word press and they sorted me right out so that I could get my website back.

How Did This Happen?

I have a few theories about how our good friend Mr. Sarkar got a hold of my information. Consulting with Firefox it appears my data had been breached not once, but FOUR TIMES! All regarding websites I had used in the past. Not a bad culprit, but there could be other possibilities as well. My frequent use of public open wifi left me at a high risk for a long time. All that needed to happen was one enterprising individual to open a wifi sniffer at a starbucks and just wait for me to input an email/password combo.

How Can I Prevent This?

I will describe the steps I now take to protect my information.

  1. Randomly generate strong passwords for all websites
    • This makes it much harder for a person to get into any account, and by randomly generating all passwords, if one gets lost in a breach the others will be safe.
  2. Organize Passwords in a secure location
    • Since the passwords are WAY to big to memorize I have organized all of mine in a secure account, which is also protected by a monster password and two factor authentication.
  3. Two Factor Authentication
    • This might be the most important point on this list. By requiring your phone to log into accounts it makes it impossible for someone to break in without access to your phone. Even if they get the password they wont gain access to your account, giving you time to lock them out again. Almost every website has an option for you to enable this. I personally set up texting and an authentication app for many of my accounts.
  4. Install a VPN
    • This is your armor for sketchy wifi. Even if someone sniffs your data on the public wifi the VPN encrypts everything you send so the would be hacker only gets a string of gibberish.


This has been my story of getting my website hijacked. Make sure you take steps to protect yourself on the internet! Its a mad mad mad mad world out there, so do yourself a favor and put up some defenses.