About Me

My name is Joshua, but I prefer to go by ‘Josh’. I am an aspiring Industrial engineer and marketing expert. I have a passion for public speaking, acting, video production, and editing of almost any kind. I enjoy meeting people and travelling, and if I could combine both of them then I would be in heaven.

Highlights of my Freshman Year

  • I competed in Campus Movie Festival
  • I am currently a member of GenFKD, Improv at VT, and YouTube Social Media Club
  • I am the proud owner of a cactus
  • I was Master of Ceremonies for my friend “Gartrel the Great” when he had his first big magic show
  • I am a certified glider and commercial drone pilot
  • One time I got over a million views for throwing a snowball on snapchat

Highlights of Sophomore Year so far

  • Now I’m the president of YouTube Club, and Secretary of Improv
  • I found time for ballroom!
  • I got involved in undergraduate research which is pretty hype
    • also my undergrad research project just happened to double for my DORII class so that is nice
  • More to come I’m sure

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