Search and Rescue Project Update 10.23.2018

This semester I got involved in doing research with my Human Factors professor! By some cosmic circumstance the project for my undergrad research also just happened to be my project for my Deterministic Operations Research class as well (or at least a significant part of it is). I’ve been working an hour or two per day on this code because it basically double counts and I’ve got some great outputs! Below are “team assignments” and the probability of success (POS). The POS is the chance that we find the subject in the next 4 hour shift cycle. The assignments are pretty self explanatory, it tells how many teams of each type to send to a certain area. More work to come soon!

My next items include:

  • Allowing Helicopters to search multiple districts
  • Making Inputs of areas easier
  • perhaps moving the code to a pop-up or external program based format


Integer Outputs


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